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Stop donating money for Australia

Last night I saw on Facebook that massive money donations have started to be made to extinguish the fire in Australia. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians, along with millions of other people from all over the world, put their hands on their credit cards and gave a few to save the kangaroos, the koala bears and the trees.

I don’t know if you notice, but this is where humanity is now. Donate for extinguishing. As in many other areas, most of the money is collected to solve specific problems, whether we are extinguishing fires in Australia, Amazon or any other affected area.

The patient is dying, is in a coma, and people give money to wipe the drool from the mouth.

Maybe I wasn`t metaphorical enough: let’s imagine that the whole human race is in a car (for entertainment, suppose it’s a diesel, a scammed one). The car is the planet. At the driving wheel are the politicians, smeared by the copilots, the big polluters who are sitting on the right front seat.

We know who they are: from the coal industry, oil industry, they make cars (they lie about their pollution systems), they promote excess and consumerism. They are the ones that tell us to change our phones, clothes, furniture, lifestyle every year.  

We are on the back seat. All of us. Like children. We sit relaxed, we fight, we talk to each other, many quiet with earbuds on, some read and ask uncomfortable questions to the „parents” on the front seats.

 What’s going on with this car? It`s going full speed towards the edge of a cliff. We know this for sure, it can also be seen through the windscreen and the GPS tracker is confirming it, urging us to change the route.

On this road the car breaks down several times. Or gets a flat tire. These are the moments when the rear passengers look for money through their pockets and quickly make a donation to repair the car.

Basically, we pay to go all the way to our end.

Maybe it’s time to ask for a stop and change the course of this car.

It’s important to change the pilots and (especially) the copilots.

We are making useless donation for Australia, or the Amazon forest. We are giving the impression that everything is fixable. And it’s not. We are making some people think that everything is manageable. And it’s not.

Stop donating money.

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  1. I’m not donating money to give the impression that this is fixable. WTF are you talking about? Are you drunk?

    Don’t send your kids to school because we can’t all be scientists.

    Don’t eat because you will poop it later.

    To be honest, George, you stop writing click-bait articles. Because you are giving the impression that by reading/writing/sharing this content we can change something in the world. When in fact, you’re just sitting at home waiting for some adsense money to pour in after trying to capitalize on a hot-topic news.

  2. Mai hipster de atât nu se putea. Hai sa dam jos prim ministrul ca se stinge focul singur. Nu, Sherlock, donatul ajuta. Nu pe cel în coma, dar pe cel care urmează sa între dacă nu primește ajutor. Australia nu e încă în coma, dar ar putea întra. Acuma ce ai vrea, sa își ia fiecare avionul personal și sa zboare pana acolo cu o găleată în brate și în drum sa ia și conducerea la pumni? E bine ca oamenii se mobilizează și iau acțiune în loc, sa comenteze pe facebook cum făceau de obicei. Sau pe blog. Dacă e mainstream nu înseamna ca e nașpa. Și bine ca mi-ai amintit, ca eu nu am donat încă

  3. Far too simplistic. I understand the point and there needs to be fundamental long term change, but there is often a genuine need right now that donations CAN help with.

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