Waiting for Tesla to fail like it`s a good thing

Every time there`s a news report about how Tesla is going to bankrupt I notice an interesting joyfulness around some of my Facebook friends.

Every time Elon Musk has a regrettable tweet or interview, analysts and car lovers jump from their gasoline pumped cars and point their finger in a judgmental manner.

And now I`ve started to wonder: what triggers this dark satisfaction of hitting one of the fewest humans who dream of a better and cleaner future?

It`s quite clear that Elon Musk is not the greatest speaker. He`s no Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King. He`s a smart fellow with a huge dream and a crazy way to put it in practice. Most of the time he fails, but just to return with a bigger success or an idea that could literally change our life.

We could define him as a functional dreamer. He`s got the mental resources to implement some of his goals.

But still, a lot of his peer sapiens rejoice a slice of happiness in his fails.

That says something about our mindset as a specie and our modern vision about life. It looks like we are way to captured by daily chores, aimlessly consuming what our beloved consumerism-capitalism offers us. We are either too blind to strive for a better future or too depressed to even try to dream.

I want to make it clear: this article is not about how great and wonderful Tesla is. Not at all. Being a pioneer of its domain, Tesla has all the chances to fail. And a huge opportunity to make a big step in history. But in a world more and more affected by global warming and the harm made by the fossil fuel we don`t see any other brand risking anything.

World biggest auto companies stay low and refuse to invest in an idea that could literally change everything. While Tesla`s going through a roller-coaster they continue to serve the simple, yet toxic, solution.

At least in Europe (Romania especially) I see a superior attitude towards Tesla from people who drive cars made by Volkswagen. And this is ironic to VW-fake-pollution-levels tests. I`m sure it`s not a thing only in Romania.

For a brighter tomorrow everyone should put some amount of pressure on other car manufacturers and constrain them to invest in their version of Tesla dream. Now, fast, with the pedal to the metal.

If not, we’ll end up stuck with a bunch of gadgets on metal boxes produced by a bunch of itchy palms CEOs, a mere shadow of what a sustainable mean of transportation could have been. So it’s us, contributors, and our purses who, due to sheer lack of enthusiasm, will finally pay the bill for Tesla’s funeral.


Photo: Click2Houston

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  1. „better and cleaner future”
    BEVs are not a better and cleaner future… only in a very egocentric and narrow minded way of seeing it.

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